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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  December 2, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tiger woods speaks out. i'm mary bubala. that story just ahead. and there is rain in the region. i'm sure you noticed. a flood watch is about to go into effect. a team is tracking it all next at 4:00. a profound apology, that's what tiger woods is offering after rumors swirl of infidelity. >> hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking
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about. >> a bombshell statement from tiger woods, with allegations swirling, the world famous athlete is timely comment -- finally commenting. >> reporter: tiger woods is acknowledging he let his family down. in a statement, he says, i have not been true to my value little and the behavior my family deserves. the world's greatest. the comments come after allegations of extramarital affairs. including this "us weekly" cover story. 24-year-old jamie grubs details sexual encounters and this voice mail she says tiger left her last week. >> hey, it's tiger. i need you to do me a huge favor. can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. so if you can, please take your
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name off that and what do you call it, just have it as a number on the voice mail. just have it as your attach number, okay? you gotta do this for me. huge. quickly. bye. >> reporter: woods is paid multimillions of dollars. and so far, his sponsors plan to stand behind him. >> reporter: today, they released the final reports of woods' suv crash, a wreck that fueled speculations from marital trouble. woods says he is far from a perfect person and will strive to be a better husband, person, and father. and he offered an apology to everyone who supported him. florida highway patrol fined woods $164 for careless driving. he has already stated he will not attend his annual charity event in california this week. >> turning to the weather, parts of the state will soon be under flood watches as heavy rains move into our area.
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here's a look inside. as you can see, it's been pretty wet and dreary all day. >> we started some rain around noon to 1:00 in the baltimore region and continues to move from south to north. take a quick look. you can see the activity, moving in from virginia and the carolinas. and that's going to continue probably until about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. light showers, just a slightly heavier ban around northern baltimore county. south of the city, it's actually light. nothing real heavy at this point. lower eastern shore, light stuff. and out to the west, pockets of rain. the heaviest across pennsylvania. a big hole here with not much going on with cumberland and hagerstown. to our south, we expect to see more moderate rain. because of the fact that we expect to get more than an inch of rain, we have a flood watch which goes into effect tonight at 7:00 p.m. there you see it. it's in effect until 3:00 a.m.
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and there could be one, maybe some spots could pick up 1 1/2 inches of rain. and that could cause some flooding. obviously with some storm drains still clogged with old, rotten leaves. there could certainly be some water on roadways. be careful. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the hours. just one day after being found guilty of a criminal charge, mayor dixon is back at work. mary bubala continues our coverage with mayor dixon and what it means for our city. >> reporter: mayor dixon spent much of the city, meeting with her senior staff inside city hall. then she had a noontime meeting with school city hall leader andres alonzo. she is trying to push on, even after the verdict. >> reporter: a day after the verdict, mayor dixon comes to city hall. she is pushing forward, even though some are calling her to move on. the city is still absorbing the
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gravity of the verdict against their mayor. a guilty verdict of misusing gift cards intended for the needy. mayor continued working into the night, attending an teefnt in-- event in fells point, speaking only to wjz. >> things are not over. i'm still mayor. and we're going to focus on moving the city forward. >> reporter: but can the mayor move the city forward, when her future is so uncertain and the city is in peril? a new budget deficit. layoffs, furloughs, pensions need to be made in the days ahead. >> i know that the mayor has worked very hard to keep this from being a distraction to city business. but the truth of the matter is, it has been. >> reporter: when and if the time comes to replace dixon, the city charter elevates the council president to mayor. >> the work that each of us do as elected officials as public servants, prepares us for
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leadership and for, you know, any expanded role. >> reporter: mayor dixon does have one event on her public schedule. it's later this afternoon. and her staff says she does plan to attend. i'm mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. back to you. mary, thank you. complete coverage of mayor dixon's verdict continues with mike hellgren with an in-depth look at what this guilty verdict means for the mayor and where she goes from here. >> reporter: hi, kai. this is far from over. the mayor has a number of legal avenues she can pursue. the question now is, will a public backlash force her hand? >> reporter: jurors found mayor dixon guilty, but she's still in office. why? well, the maryland constitution says she only has to leave after sentencing, which could be weeks away. it reads "for any crime which is a felony or which is a misdemeanor, related to her public duties and responsibilities, and involves moral turpitude, for which the penalty may be incarceration, the mayor shall be suspended by operation of law without pay or
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benefits from her elected office. >> i think the defense team will have an argument that this doesn't qualify. as to its chances of success, i can't say. >> reporter: the judge could also sent the mayor to what is called probation before judgment, which wipes away the conviction altogether. defense attorney warren brown does not think that is likely. >> i think the two sanctions really, that he will be understanding of is that she has got to step down. she'll be out of office. loses her pension, loses her employment at the moment. and there is really no safety net that exists for her. she's going to be in bad shape for a while. >> reporter: but a faster judgment may come in the court of public opinion. anthony mccarthy told me this morning, that, combined with how political movers and shakers. >> if mayor dixon decides she's going to hold on, and public tide starts to swell against her, you'll start to see more and more elected officials
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begin to say, it's time to move on. >> reporter: even jurors say they knew the weight their decision would have on the city. >> it's kind of like giving someone the death penalty. because now we've just took and put our hand on somebody's life. >> reporter: if the mayor is suspended from office, she could come back with back pay if suspended from appeal. for now, reporting live, wjz eyewitness news. >> mike, thank you. stay with wjz for complete coverage. guilty verdict in the mayor sheila dixon trial. for more reaction and what's next in the case, go to our website, a 9-year-old is recovering tonight after being shot boy -- by intruders. >> reporter: three men kicked in the front door and opened fire. it unfolded in the 1600 block of north elemont street. they plils say they-- police say they forced their way
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inside. investigators say the 9-year- old boy was shot in the hand. police say the family dog was also shot and fled out the back door. sally? >> new at 5:00, wjz speaks to city police about their investigation. frantic moments speak out during an animal control call in baltimore. an officer was shot in the hand after a bullet was fired through his van window. he was called in to the 700 block of pontiac avenue. police are not sure if the man was being targeted. tonight, there is encouraging news for baltimore city's mounted police shooting. today, an announcement was made that the new private funding will keep the unit up and running. early this year, severe budget cuts threatened funding for the nation's oldest, continuously operated mountain unit. time now to check on the traffic with kristy breslin. i'm sure it's ugly out there. >> reporter: definitely. the rain not making it an easy
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drive. can you look for some delays in the southbound direction. that's from the harbor tunnel throughway past the beltway. as for the north side inner loop, that's bumper to bumper up to delaney valley road. due to that earlier accident, outer loop, plenty of brake lights, providence to york. west side, 95 to security boulevard. and we do have an accident to watch out for on northbound 29. that's as you approach 70. as far as city accidents go, just two to update you on there. east at redwood street at light. here's a live look at the delay on the north side at green spring. and also the volume there. this traffic report is brought to you by the radio city christmas spectacular. returning to baltimore, back by popular demand. he'll be taking the stage at first mariner arena on december 17th. tickets are on sale now. >> thanks. fiery police chase. police pursue a suspect for
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hours. find out how it ends. the defense team in the amanda knox trial makes a strong plea to the court. new h1n1 concerns. as some strains seem resistent to tamiflu. and there is rain watch in effect. bob is updating your first warning forecast.
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police in kansas are supposed to open fire on a suspect's car. police originally tried to stop the thief as he was heading into traffic in a stolen vehicle, driving down the wrong side of the road. hours later, officers shot out two of the man's tires, causing his car to burst into flames. iran releases five british sailors who were detain the at sea. the five men were yachting when their boat accidentally drifted.
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the men were taken into custody after an extensive investigation. officials said it was clear that their illegal entry was a mistake. the men were heading to a race. the american college student in italy may be learning her fate soon. they have heard all of the statements. but a couple of days have been set aside for rebuttals. >> the summation in the amanda knox trial, hammered home there was no proof of guilt, much proof of innocence. this lawyer said the girl has to go back to her life. has to go back to seattle. >> reporter: the final day of amanda knox' defense was built on the argue that she was targeted as guilty from the moment police took her in. her lawyer insisted that knox had been crushed by the system. and the police, in his words, acted like part of the prosecution. the claim that the victim, british student meredith
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kircher died in a sex drug game, was, as he argued, born in the police station. but the focus is on key pieces of evidence. >> these closing arguments are critical, which is probably the biggest difference between the united states and the italian judicial system. >> reporter: the defense team believes the case is going their way, for one simple reason. >> lack of evidence. the lack of evidence. the lack of fundamental elements, according to law. >> reporter: knox's parents are pinning their hope on the six- member jury, finding reasonable doubt. >> i know they were taking nolts at really critical times. so that's always good. i keep thinking maybe they'll go back and take them into consideration when they're doing their deliberation. >> reporter: the two judges and six jury members deliberate together. but even if the jury decides knox is innocent, under italian law, the chief judge can overrule them.
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alan pizzy, cbs news, faruja. good news from the fed did not help the dow today. the dow was down. but the other markets were up. the dow down 19. the s&p up a fraction in the nasdaq up 9. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. the federal reserve is cautiously optimistic about the economy. in its latest beige book survey, the fed found the economy improved modestly in late october and november. it's off slight gains in consumer spending, manufacturing and housing. but commercial real estate and the labor market remain weak. a new survey finds private employers cut nearly 170,000 jobs last month. that's slightly worse than expected but better than the 195,000 jobs lost in october. on friday, we get the monthly
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jobs report, expected to show an un. -- unemployment rate above 10%. google will only allow a user five free clicks per day for news contents on a prescription-based site. it comes after they criticized google for unfairly profiting from news content. and wal-mart is slashing prices on the top 25 stloo videoim -- video games, by as much as 20% through christmas. online retailers are saying others like gamestop may have to match that. the ceo of general motors steps down after less than a year on the job. fritz henderson announced tuesday he was resigning from his position. board chairman ed whittaker will be taking over as interim ceo, until a replacement is
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found. coming up, accused cop killer gunned down. who could be charged for helping the suspect flea? -- flee. courtroom come to order. >> so what. make me come to order. >> tempers running high. what caused the uproar at the meeting of texas commissioners? flood watch hours away. and we have your complete first warning forecast coming up. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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all right. a drippy day for sure, compared to beautiful sunshine for yesterday. let's take a look at radar. it's not heavy anywhere, except for a few pockets here and there. actually, if you look south of town, it's light rain. this is very light stuff. as you can tell, even way, way down there. a heavier pocket. now, south of the city, not much going on. this is the lightest rain we can see on the radar. we're dealing with the light
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rain drizzle from time to time. and southeast of the city, eastern shore, just scattered, light rain. nothing really heavy. the really heavy stuff is way down across virginia and carolina. most of it now to our north. you can see a big hole here. just a slight, heavier shower, up near cumberland. we'll keep watching the radar tonight as this rain continuous to develop and move up across our region. probably won't end until early, early tomorrow morning. take a look around the region. 46. winds will pick up tonight. in fact, some spots could get winds 30 to 35 miles an hour. it's going to be rainy, wet, not a very nice night. 39, oakland. 37, cumberland. 46 here. 56, ocean city. warmer air as it begins to sumpleg in from the -- surge in from the south and southeast. and during the morning tomorrow, may get up to 62 degrees before it cools down, before the winds go back to the west and dry us out. southeast wind at oakland, 24. and because of those strong
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winds out there, they do have wind advisories. low pressure. sitting over louisiana. there's been snow across portions of texas. all of this rain coming from the gulf of mexico. there you see it. it's going to be with us all night long, through the early morning hours. the low pressure is going to quickly, however, head up toward new england. the edge of it, the front will clear our region by tomorrow morning. things will start clearing out. and we will see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. although it's kind of windy. once again, that flood watch from 7:00 tonight until 3:00 a.m. here's that low pressure moving through the region. it will get breezy. start turning cooler. and it will be a lot cooler on friday than it will be tomorrow. west winds, 20 to 21 knots. and a gail warning on the bay tonight. so tonight, yeah rainy, windy! areas will see maybe an inch or more. 55, temps rising overnight. sunny in the afternoon. but turning cooler tomorrow night. 62, early, dropping into the
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50s in the afternoon. and eventually down in the 30s late tomorrow night. so a wet night tonight. >> all right. again. thank you, bob. coming up tonight on cbs primetime. it's the drama crim minds at 10:00, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the ravens are gearing up for a monday night showdown. the team is hitting the road to face off against the green bay packers. watch that game from lambeau field. monday at 8:00. and katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. following the uproar over those new mammogram guidelines, the panel that made them heads to capitol hill. will their testimony put an end to the controversy? that's tonight, only on the cbs evening news. and following what katie is saying, the controversial breast cancer screenings continue to be a hot topic. we'll have more next story. the guilty verdict in mayor sheila dixon's trial shocked many residents. i'm jessica kartalija, in baltimore city. coming up, what people are
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talking about today. that story straight ahead in the live report. coed murdered. new details emerge in the vicious death of a student. eyewitne
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it is 4:28. 46 degrees with light rain. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off tonight. and here's what people are talking about. well, after 23 hours after being found guilty of a criminal charge, mayor sheila dixon is back at work. but should the mayor continue to lead the city after a jury found her guilty of the charge? hello, denise. several viewers have sent their
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comments right here to the response to mayor dixon's guilty verdict has been very strong, with many residents angry over the misuse of gift cards meant for the needy. >> i'm just hurt. i'm disappointed. because i just didn't think that something that a person in power would do. >> reporter: mixed emotions on the radio. >> the woman embezzled from needy people, possibly children. >> reporter: talk show host larry young fields calls from angry listeners. >> she's played her cards the way she has. she is comfortable in her position. she was able to see flee three not guilties, one guilt. and she should play them out. >> reporter: and here in baltimore city, residents had some very strong words for the mayor. >> she got what she deserved. she's going to sit down and say, i thought they were for me. no, they were for the community. and it's ridiculous that she'll
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sit there and use it. >> you're a role model. that one mistake is all it takes to bring you down. so i'm just really hurt. >> reporter: the dixon verdict is certainly the talk of the town. we want to know what you think. you can take part in our poll right here on the question following the verdict. do you think that mayor sheila dixon should remain in office? 82% of you say no. you can also e-mail us your comments to wjz.web alert at, or click on the link at the top of the home page. i'll have some of those comments coming up new at 5:00, here on eyewitness news. denise? thank you very much, jessica. and we invite you to stay with wjz for complete coverage of the verdict in the mayor sheila dickon trial. for more reaction and the case, go to the florida man accused of killing four relatives after thanksgiving dinner reportedly plotted the attack. suspect paul merhige shot and killed his pregnant sister being a twin sister, a 6-year-
4:33 pm
old cousin and an aunt. the father of the slain girl said he heard the gunman say he had been waiting 20 years to kill them. he sat through three hours of thanksgiving dinner. and a sing-along before the piano, before he opened fire. the 35-year-old gunman remains at large. court documents released today show blood. >> reporter: documents show the blood was found on the kitchen floor at raymond clark's home in connecticut, two days before his arrest. clark is accused of killing 22- year-old annie leigh and stuffing her body behind the wall in the laboratory. court documents didn't specify whether the blood came from clark or the victim. but they also found other items in his locker. >> raymond clark has not entered a plea yet in this case. the group of people accused
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of helping an accused cop killer in washington state grows to six now. four of the men allegedly helped maurice clemmons elude the law. >> three friends. one of them a half brother of maurice clemmons. they helped the 37-year-old escape the law, after she murdered four lakewood police officers. now, kiro 7 has learned the identity of the getaway driver. 43-year-old darkus allen. a former cell mate who allegedly drove clemmons to the coffee shop on sunday morning. >> we do know that he did park in the car and wait for him. and when our suspect came back, they got in the car. and they helped himne the -- him flee the scene. >> reporter: before those plans, clemmons revealed his plans to four others. all now facing criminal charges. the davises are both from arkansas and have close dies to clemmons and his family.
4:35 pm
according to court documents, the night before the murder, they said what he wanted to do, showing two handguns and stating that he was going to shoot police. >> reporter: documents state after the shootings on sunday morning, clemmons awoke the davises, telling them he had taken care of his business. >> investigators say after the murders, he had allegedly loaned them to drive to a relative's house, where he was cleaned up, bandaged and given clean clothes. >> reporter: after clemmons left, investigators say hinton gave the child a cell phone at the house. telling him to delete numbers from the call log. police continue to hunt for him. >> this is a horrendous crime this. is not a tragedy. this is a horrendous crime. it's a crime not just against people who wear badges. it's a crime against everybody in the community. >> two women were also accused of helping and harboring
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clemmons. his aunt and a female acquaintance who are now both in police custody, pending charges. e-mails to a pentagon official reveal more about the couple accused of crashing last week's white house state dinner. kai jackson joins us now from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: those e-mails reveal that tareq and michaele salahi pressured the state to give them an invitation. but they showed up even without an invitation. the secret service said the salahis aren't on the invited list and it was a mistake to let them in. and more controversy surrounds the salahis today. a charity foundation and polo event run by the couple is in financial turmoil. in tonight's wjz flood watch, the state health department is reporting two cases of the h1n1 virus. that's healthwatch, it is. sorry. resistant to tamiflu. health officials say the two
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patients were treated at johns hopkins and then released. tamiflu is one of two drugs used to treat swine flu, of course. more than 20 cases of tamiflu resistance, swine flu, have been reported nationwide. in healthwatch, new guidelines for breast cancer screenings. it was a hot topic on capitol hill today. drew levinson reports for wjz on the recent changes. next is a gentleman from illinois. >> reporter: lawmakers are taking on the new screening tbliens for breast cancer. -- guidelines for breast cancer. >> reporter: a government task force was called to explain its new mammogram recommendations. it's report suggests women start getting mammograms at 50 instead of 40. and follow-up screenings every two years as opposed to annually. the task force now says its message was misunderstood and that it meant to say that screening was more effective for women ages 50 to 74.
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>> the task force is saying that screenings starting at 40 should not be automatic, nor should it be denied. >> reporter: the task force made its recommendations after looking at hundreds of studies. but many influential cancer groups disagree with its findings. >> the society, along with other medical groups believe that screening mammography officers an identifiable and important survivor benefit to women in the age group 40 to 49. >> reporter: the panel said it was concerned about overtreatment of women, including exposure to radiation and unnecessary surgery. suzanne fisher was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 48. >> i think it's a big difference. maybe you have a false positive occasionally? >> reporter: fisher believes mammograms saves lives and catching breast cancer early is what's most important. >> reporter: drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >> now, many groups, including the american cancer society, say they will continue to
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recommend starting annual mammogram screening at age 40. well, rain has begun to fall in our area. and a flood watch will soon be in effect. as you can see, it's making for a dull, drab kind of day. oh, gosh. we're used to it. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. a 180-degree turn from yesterday's sunshine. we have rain in the region. pockets of moderate rain. most of it now to the north. but there's a whole burch yet to -- bunch yet to come from the south. as can you see, it's moving steadily from south to southeast. there's heavier pockets across southern pa. and northern harford, northern baltimore county. that's all moving up toward the north. southeast of us, very light rain in the eastern shore. not much at all. and scattered light rain across western maryland. the heaviest activity is well to the south in portions of virginia and the carolinas. because of the possibility of an inch or more of rain, we have some areas that could be
4:40 pm
minor flooding. and we have a flood watch in effect officially from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. it's going to get windy as well. garrett county can exceed 35 to 40 miles an hour. really, the wet and potentially windy night tonight. but the sun will be back tomorrow. denise? >> all right. thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. not a good combination out there. wet roads and slick conditions. as for the north side inner loop, bumper to bumper traffic. you're looking at almost a solid 30 minutes. as for the west side, 20 to security boulevard. also in the outer loop, an additional 20 minutes from 795 to edmondson avenue. that's heavy from hollands ferry road to camp mead. and 95 in that northbound direction, plenty of brake lights from the harbor tunnel throughway to the beltway. continuing to struggle in the
4:41 pm
southbound direction, right as you approach the beltway. and now, let's take a live look here at green spring avenue. and another at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. subway eat fresh. over a thousand marylanders are being notified that they recently broke the law. as mike schuh reports, automated speed cameras have arrived on some area interstates. you're given fair warning. in fact, here in towson, there are four large billboards telling you, the state is going to build your picture. >> they're set up and cal calibrated on the work zone. and they shoot radar like a normal police officer doing a speed enforcement will be doing. >> reporter: but the speeder isn't chased down. the ticket is mailed. the cam camera is here, inside a parked suv. it stays on the job, catching most of those going too fast. >> anybody driving through should know that they're going to get a ticket if they're speeding 12 miles an hour or
4:42 pm
over. because there are monster-sized signs telling you that it is photo enforced. >> reporter: you are given a 12- mile-an-hour cushion over the speed limit. and they're only allowed in the work zone. they found a lot of speeders in the first few days. >> we have issued 1400 citations. >> it is a pilot program. two are at charles and the beltway. the i-95 construction zones, north of the beltway. the state says this system is safer for police, workers and drivers. >> law enforcement cannot normally do a lot to enforce because there's restricted lanes and barriers. so this allows us, on a high- speed road to hopefully influence behavior and get people to slow down. the fine for these tickets is $40. in towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news, back to you now on tv hill. now, the pilot program ends this pring -- spring. by then, the state hopes to more than double the number of mobile radar units, bringing
4:43 pm
the total to five. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. a day of marital bliss turns violent for one hopeful groom. good news for roman polanski. and the rain has arrived. but how much is expected to fall this evening? your first warning forecast is just ahead.
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damaging new testimony in the competency hearing in the trial against the man charged with abducting elizabeth smart. the nurse said she believes mitchell is faking it, trying to be shown incompetent. the hearing will determine if mitchell is mentally competent to stand trial for kidnapping. film director roman polanski will be released from
4:47 pm
prison and transferred to house arrest friday. >> reporter: the film director has been in police custody since its september arrest on decades-old charms, charges of having sex with a minor. he will be placed on house arrest in his swiss chalet. 36 years ago, the 36-year-old pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. then he fled the country. he has been living in france where he has citizenship. and continues to make movies, including the pianist. >> they will have to put electronic bracements on him -- bracement -- bracelets on him. >> reporter: a wedding in peru turned ugly when it was learned that the groom was already married. the 36-year-old was set to tight the knot when the sis and aunt of his current wife
4:48 pm
stormed the wedding. the women dragged ortiz out of the sairnlt, without letting -- ceremony, without letting him get married. a heated encounter with dallas commissioners. >> so what. make me come to order. >> this court has voted. >> the feud was over paying six figures to hire a former fbi agent to investigate two police constables. as you can see, one police commissioner lost his temper. everyone eventually calmed down. and the commissioners approved the payment. tiger woods finally comes clean about his extramarital affair. mark steines has more from hollywood. exphz coming up on -- coming up on entertainment tonight. tiger woods and his candid interview about his marriage. we have the day he declared his love for elin. >> i told her going into this way, the way i feel about you,
4:49 pm
pre-marriage and post-marriage, doesn't change. i felt this way about you from almost day 1. i will always care about you and always love you. >> reporter: kevin frazier spoke to tiger shortly after he got married. elin seemed unsure about living and loving in the public eye. >> how hard has that been for her, where everywhere she goes, people want to take her picture, ask her questions. >> she didn't ask for this. she doesn't come in to ask for this. she wants to be with me. and that's part of the deal. unfortunately, we both have to deal with it. and it's something that we've had to learn to grow with it and accept it. >> reporter: also tonight, you will hear the voice mail that tiger allegedly left for the other woman. plus, we'll follow the e-mail trail of the white house crashers. and merdith bax-- meredith baxter reveals that she is gay.
4:50 pm
>> that's here on wjz 13. santa claus bonds with a group of children in a very special way, through sign language. a denver, colorado mall brought in a signing santa, and buses of deaf children from around the area. santa said a child once asked him how he learned to sign. he said two of his elfs -- elves were deaf and they taught him. there you go. she's a ventura beauty queen. one contestant carved a flower vase out of ice with a chain saw. now, while her pageant days are over, her love of the chain saw keeps growing. she is now planning to compete in the world champion ice carving competition in alaska next march. wonder of wonder. there's still more to come. bob turk has your updated forecast after this commercial break.
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well, here's a live look outside. i'm trying not to be ungrateful. >> turn the out to be a beautiful day, weatherwise. today, not quite as nice. we do have breaks in this rain coming up. in the next hour or so. you can see that big hole there, coming between hagerstown and easton. let's take a look at what's going on. around 1:00, it started. it's now way up to the north. and there's a bit of a break coming up, as you can see, across central maryland. so over the next couple of hours, really not much going on at all. may not even rain at all. and then a little later on. another batch comes in. and we'll be dealing with that throughout the evening. and there's heavier stuff down to the south as well. as you can see, south of the beltway, just past the airport, it's quiet. city on north, very light rain going on. a little further north, a
4:55 pm
little heavier, across southern lancaster, york county. that's heading up to the western suburbs of philadelphia. lower eastern shore, this is very, very light rain. although you're going to get wind and heavier rains. you could see easily an inch, inch and a half of rains pie late, -- by late, late tonight. and that's moving up toward hagerstown, martinsburg, frederick area. out here in the western section of the state. not only will you be dealing with rain. but also windy conditions. so we'll continue to monitor the rain. take a look at temperatures around the region. 46. east/northeast winds at 12. barometer just beginning to fall. 46 here. 37, the cold spot in cumberland. 56 in ocean city. it's 40 now in oakland out there, with winds southeast at 25. could gust to 40 out there. our winds now east at 12. and it will get breezy tonight. all because of deep low pressure heading to the south. over to the west. brings up all of this moisture to the gulf of mexico. it's a lot of rain from new
4:56 pm
york state. all the way to the florida gulf coast. then the front will cross the region. and we'll get out of the rain. 7:00 p.m. tonight to 3:00. we have a flood watch in effect. could see minor flooding in some spots. a little low pressure. gets breezy. and starts to get cooler tomorrow afternoon into friday. so we'll be dealing with pretty normal temperatures by the end of the week. tomorrow, on the bay, west winds, 20 to 25 knots. gail warning tonight. small craft advisory tomorrow. tonight, then, we're dealing with rain, and temperatures actually rising to upper 50s pie morning. -- by morning. may get to 62. sunshine, windy. turning cooler tomorrow night. back in the 30s, where it should be for december. come back and take a look at the extended forecast in just a few minutes. still to come tonight. >> i'm mike hellgren. can mayor dixon stay in office legally? and what if public opinion turns against her? a look at the future for city hall, straight ahead.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. one day after the verdict. the mayor goes back to work and goes out in the community. i'm mary bubala, a live report coming up. tiger woods sex scandal. today, the superstar admits to transgressions. here's the message the golfer allegedly left on his mistress's voice mail. >> we have complete first warning weather. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.


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